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We’re a business development and marketing powerhouse that has elevated companies internationally. We deliver the creativity, structure and media direction that you’re looking for. We pride ourselves in excellence and effectiveness to deliver real results for your business.


A free discovery call with our team where we break down your business goals and how DukesdayMedia can get you there.


We offer


Your one-stop shop for eCommerce business building and marketing across owned dot-coms and marketplaces. Book your free consultation now.

Graphic Design

General design work including flyers, business cards, posters, banners and more. Book your free consultation today.

Digital Marketing Plan

We will help you develop a marketing plan specific to your brand to help connect to a wider audience and grow your business. Book your free consultation today.

Logo Design

We will design an attractive logo that truly represents your brand and one that aligns with your business. Book your free consultation today.

Apparel Production

Represent your business through branded apparel such as shirts, hats, hoodies and much more. Book your free consultation today.

Video Production Services

Whether you're aiming to shoot your next commercial, promo video, vlog or podcast, we can fully service your entire production. Book your free consultation now.

Būnduke Ramadan - Founder & CEO

About Būnduke & DukesdayMedia

Būnduke Ramadan is an Economics graduate of the University of Florida with a background in Computer Science.

After moving to Atlanta, Būnduke founded his marketing company, DukesdayMedia in 2019.

He's a digital advertising enthusiast with 10+ years of experience working in the music business, e-commerce, fashion and the coaching/consulting industry.

He's helped over 100 individuals get REAL results in their businesses through 1-on-1 consultations, group coaching and marketing masterclasses.

Two of his greatest success stories led to his clients getting a 500% return on their investment after running their ads.


"To me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping people achieve their goals and dreams."

- Būnduke